The Museum of Talking Boards would like to offer you the opportunity to consult our online interactive talking boards. While we can't exactly guarantee a spiritual epiphany, we can promise an interesting close-up look at several of the world's most fascinating boards. To get the full effect you must be using a late version of Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Opera, and have your JavaScript enabled. If you can see our mascot Planchy, waving at your cursor arrow, you are all set to go. If Planchy annoys you, just hit the "Esc" button on your keyboard and and he will stop waving.

Ask Hasko

See the Mystic Board, the most beautiful of Haskelite's talking boards. Ask any question that can be answered with a "yes" or a "no" then click on the letter of your choice. Get some sage advice straight from the 1940's in addition to the answer to your question.

Ask Ouija

Examine Charles Kennard's first production Ouija board from 1891. Move the planchette around the board with your mouse and discover if what they say about the Ouija is true. You must have Netscape, Internet Explorer, or Opera to actually use this one. If your browser is JavaScript challenged, visit anyway and see every detail of the Ouija that started it all.

Ziriya Interactive

Your first thought may be, "What is this thing?" This is the Ziriya, the preferred talking board for many serious Ouija workers. The word-salad approach has a major advantage in that you do it a word at a time rather than letter by letter. With practice, messages come fast and furious.


This is by far our most diabolical interactive talking board. Click on a letter or number and let the spirits transport you through cyberspace to a destination where you may be pleasantly surprised, infuriated, or excruciatingly bored. Not for the faint of heart! We kid you not when we say that we have absolutely no control over this board. Don't say that we didn't warn you.

And finally, for those of you who absolutely must type your question into a text box, we present two interactive talking boards courtesy of developers with far more programming skill than we will ever possess. We want to warn you ahead of time that these boards can be a little addictive, so be careful.

Web Ouija

Web Ouija is Mike Hall's fun experiment in DHTML and JavaScript. Ask any question then follow the planchette with your cursor as your answer is revealed. Late browsers required. Be sure to visit for other examples of exciting new programming.

Studio Why Halloween Card

Studio Why? describes itself as "A creative 'Co-Op' formed to provide the environment and facilities to promote inventive thinking and craftsmanship in the digital age." When they asked to use our history page for their virtual Ouija Halloween card, we weren't about to say no. That's because we were hoping they'd let us steal it. They did. Here it is. Be prepared to get your socks knocked off. We kid you not. Java and Macromedia Flash required.

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