Hands and Planchette
Undoubtedly, the most magical aspect of the Ouija board is its uncanny ability to mirror the psychology of the user. If true "possession" does take place, then it surely must be in this strange emotional transference between board and operator. Nowhere is this more evident than in the many books and articles written "through" or about the Ouija. This is apparent whether an author is channeling a message from an "entity" or when the book has a more historical tone. Popular culture's conception of talking boards is no different. Judging from the strong reactions, even casual observers are not immune. Newspapers and journals routinely churn out opinionated and sensationalized articles depending on their biases.

The references listed below come in all flavors ranging from historical to hysterical, visionary to cautionary. They are the works of poets and crackpots, geniuses, and a few not so bright. We will leave it up to you to sort out who is who. It's all still available, although you may have to do a little digging. Together, it's an extensive presentation of the Wonderful Talking Board. Plan to meet some interesting people along the way. This will be a journey that you will not soon forget.

Books (sorted by date)

Author Title Publisher Date
Hammond, C Light From the Spirit World. Rochester: D. M. Dewey, 1852
Searcher, After Truth. The Rappers. New York: H. Long & Brother, 1854
Hare, Robert. Experimental Investigation Of The Spirit Manifestations. New York: Partridge and Brittan, 1855
Huc, M. L'bbe. A Journey Through the Chinese Empire. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1855
Townshend, Chauncy Hare. Mesmerism Proved True. London: H. Bailliere, 1855
Vizetelly, Henry. Table Turning and Table Talking. London: Henry Vizetelly, 1855
Huc, M. L'bbe. Christianity in China, Tartary and Thibet (Volume 2). New York: D. & J. Sadler, 1857
Huc, M. L'bbe. Christianity in China, Tartary and Thibet (Volume 3). New York: D. & J. Sadler, 1857
Kardec, Allan. The Spirits' Book. Paris: 1857
Jenkin, Henrietta Camilla. "Who Breaks - Pays." (Italian Proverb.). London: Smith, Elder and, 65, Cornhill, 1861
Kardec, Allan. The Medium's Book. Paris: 1861
Howett, William. History of the Supernatural in All Ages and Nations. London: Longmans, Green, 1863
Home, D. D. Incidents In My Life. London: Pitman, 1864
Nichols, Thomas. A Biography of The Brothers Davenport. London: Saunders, Otley, and, Company, 1865
Barnum, P. T. Humbugs of the World. London: John Camden Hotten, Piccadilly, 1866
Field, Kate. Planchette's Diary. New York: J.S. Redfield, 1868
Routledge, Edmund. Routledge's Every Boy's Annual London: George Routledge And Sons, 1869
Samson, G.W. Physical Media In Spiritual Manifestations. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott & CO., 1869
Sargent, Epes. Planchette, Or, The Despair of Science. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1869
Hardinge, Emma. Modern American Spiritualism. New York: Published by the author, 1870
Owen, Robert Dale, The Debatable Land between This World And The Next. New York: G.W. Carleton &., 1872
Carpenter, William B. Principles of Mental Physiology. London: Henry S. King, 1874
Sargent, Epes. The Proof Palpable of Immortality. Boston: Banner of Light, 1876
Watson, S. Spiritual Magazine Vol 3. Memphis: Southern Baptist Pub. Society, 1877
Moses, Stainton. Psychography. London: W.H. Harrison, 1878
Giles, Herbert A. Historic China and Other Sketches. London: Thos. De La Rue, 1882
Welton, Thos. Mental Magic. London: George Redway, York Street, 1885
Brackett, Edward Augustus. Materialized Apparitions. Boston: Colby and Rich, 1886
Farmer, John S. Twixt Two Worlds. London: Psychological, 1886
Bell, Clark. The Medico Legal Journal. New York: Medico Legal Journal, 1893
Warren, B.C. Arsareth A Tale Of The Luray Caverns. New York: A Lovell & CO., 1893
Lang, Andrew. Cock Lane and Common-Sense. London: Longmans, Green, and CO., 1894
Carpenter, William B. Mesmerism, Spiritualism,. New York: D. Appleton, 1895
Blain, James. James Blain On The Money Question. Minneapolis, Minn: Aetna Publishing, 1896
Curtis, James. Rustlings in the Golden City. Ballarat, Vic.: J. Curtis, 1896
Hudson, Thomas, J. The Law of Psychic Phenomena. Chicago: A.C. McClurg and Company, 1896
Bradbury, Harriet B. The New Philosophy of Health. Boston: The Philosophical Publishing Co., 1897
Huc, M. L'bbe. Christianity in China, Tartary and Thibet (Volume 1). New York: P.J. Kennedy, 1897
Lang, Andrew. The Making of Religion. London: Longmans, Green, and CO., 1898
Ruysbroeck, Willem Van. The Journey of William of Rubruck. London: Printed for the Hakluyt Society, 1900
Tuttle, Hudson. Mediumship and Its Laws; Its Conditions and Cultivation. O.: Tuttle Pub., 1900
Moses, William Stainton. Spirit Identity. London: London Spiritualist Alliance, 1902
Podmore, Frank Modern Spiritualism A History And A Criticism Vol. 1 and 2. London: Methuen & CO., 1902
Wallis, E. W. A Guide to Mediumship And Psychical Unfoldment. Chicago: Progressive Thinker Pub. House, 1903
Maxwell, J. Metaphysical Phenomena. London: Duckworth and Company, 1905
Giles, Herbert A. The Civilization of China. New York: H. Holt, 1911
Curtis, Harriette Augusta. Realms of the Living Dead. New York: E.P. Dutton & Company, 1917
Hutchings, Emily Grant. Jap Herron a Novel Written from the Ouija Board. New York: Mitchell Kennerley, 1917
McKenzie, James. Spirit Intercourse: Its Theory and Practice. New York: Mitchell Kennerley, 1917
Worth, Patience. The Sorry Tale. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1917
Cameron, Margaret. The Seven Purposes: an Experience in Psychic Phenomena. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1918
Doyle, Arthur Conan. The New Revelation. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1918
Hyslop, James H. Life after Death, Problems of the Future Life and Its Nature,. New York: E.P. Dutton & Company, 1918
Liljencrants, Johan. Spiritism and Religion. Lynchburg, VA: J.P. Bell Company, 1918
Hyslop, James H. Contact With The other World. New York: Century, 1919
Smith, Hester Travers. Voices From the Void. New York, E. P. Dutton & company, 1919
Thibault, Henry. Letters From the Other Side. London: John M. Watkins, 1919
Anon. Our Unseen Guest. New York and London: Harper & Brothers, 1920
Eaton, William Dunseath. Spirit Life Or, Do We Die. Chicago: Stanton and VanVilet Co., 1920
Raupert, Godfrey J. The New Black Magic and the Truth about the Ouija-board. New York: The Devin-Adair Company, 1920
Robinson, William J. Medical Critic and Guide. New York: The Critic and Guide Company, 1920
Spence, Lewis. An Encyclopedia of Occultism New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1920
Behr, Herman. Light From Beyond Poems of Patience Worth. New York: Patience Worth Publishing Co., 1923
Smith, Hester Travers. Oscar Wilde from Purgatory. New York: H. Holt and Company, 1923
Jones, E.H. The Road To En-Dor. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1925
Lovi, Henrietta. Best Books on Spirit Phenomena. Boston: Richard G. Badger, 1925
Yost, Casper Salathiel. Patience Worth: a Psychic Mystery. Patience Worth Publ., 1925
Doyle, Arthur Conan. History of Spiritualism. New York: George H. Doran, 1926
Fodor, Nandor Encyclopædia of psychic science. London: Arthurs Press, 1934
White, Stewart Edward. The Betty Book. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1937
White, Stewart Edward. The Unobstructed Universe. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1940
White, Stewart Edward. The Road I Know. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1942
White, Stewart Edward. With Folded Wings. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1947
Morgan, Samuel Rowland. Index to Psychic Science. Swarthmore, Pa., 1950
Prince, Walter Franklin. The Case Of Patience Worth. New Hyde Park, NY: Univ., 1964
Litvag, Irving. Singer in the Shadows; the Strange Story of Patience Worth. New York: Macmillan, 1972
Roberts, Jane, and Seth. Seth Speaks; the Eternal Validity of the Soul. New York: Bantam, 1974
Stadtmauer, Saul. Visions of the Future: Magic Boards. Milwaukee: Raintree Children's Books, 1977
Covina, Gina. The Ouija Book. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1978
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Messages from Michael. New York: Berkley, 1978
Shepard, Leslie A. Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology. New York: Avon, 1978
Merrill, James. The Changing Light at Sandover. New York: Atheneum, 1982
Hunt, Stoker. Ouija: the Most Dangerous Game. New York: Barnes & Noble, 1985
Ammianus, Marcellinus. The Later Roman Empire (A.D. 354-378). Harmondsworth, England: Penguin, 1986
Bennett, Geraldine Paulette. Katrina and Elishia Learn about Ouija Boards. Dexter, NY: New Dawn Pub, 1994
Gruss, Edmond C. The Ouija Board: a Doorway to the Occult. Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Pub., 1994
Davis, Vance A. Unbroken Promises: A True Story of Courage and Belief. Mesa, AZ: White Mesa Pub, 1995
St, Christopher Michael. How to Use a Ouija Board. Los Angeles, CA: International Imports, 1995
Bjorling, Joel. Consulting Spirits: a Bibliography. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1998
Roberts, Virginia Kent. My Friend, the Ouija Board. Rochester, WA: Brite Like, 2003
Cornelius, Edward. Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board. Fort Towsend, WA: Feral House, 2005

Articles (sorted by date)

Heading Paper Day Year
"The Dial Alphabet." Spiritual Telegraph [New York] 3 Jun. 1854.
"A Machine for the Spirits." Boston Investigator 18 Jan. 1854.
"Planchette." Once a Week, Vol 4 Jul-Dec. 1867.
"N. Bang Williams Bankrupt." The New York Times 3 Feb. 1870.
"The Rivals." The Dublin University magazine, Volume 77 Jan-Jun. 1871.
"The Easiest Means of Spirit Intercourse." American Spiritual Magazine 18 Dec. 1876.
"Election Judges Indicted." The Journal: Denton, Maryland 20 May. 1882.
"A Curious Complication in the City Council." Daily Globe [St. Paul] 17 Apr. 1886.
"An Ohio Craze." The Herald [St. Joseph, Michigan] Apr. 1886.
"How to Use the Psychograph." Religio-Philosophical Journal 12 Dec. 1886.
"Mysterious Piece of Mechanism." Religio-Philosophical Journal [Chicago] 13 Mar. 1886.
"The Dancing Derby." Sacramento Daily Record 28 Aug. 1886.
"The New "Planchette" A Mysterious Talking Board and Table." New York Daily Tribune 28 Mar. 1886.
"The New Talking Board The Mysterious Amusement Which is Fascinating Ohio." Atchison Daily Globe 9 Apr. 1886.
"The New Talking Board." The Fort Wayne Sentinel 10 Apr. 1886.
"The Talking Board." Religio-Philosophical Journal 23 Apr. 1887.
“The Planchette.” Religio-Philosophical Journal 2 Jul. 1887.
“The Psychograph-An Explanation.” Religio-Philosophical Journal 3 Dec. 1887.
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"Genii. Read What the Springfield Republican Says" American Stationer 9 Jun. 1892.
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"A Couple Are About To Be Married." Kennebec Journal [Maine] 2 Oct. 1903.
"A Case of Automatic Writing." The Popular Science Monthly Jan. 1904.
"Get a Ghost As A Bodyguard!" Sheboygan Press 16. Aug. 1917.
"Jack London Not Up To Snuff In The Spirit World." Modesto Evening News 4 Feb. 1918.
"Ouija Board Results of Experiments by Noted Scientists." Boston Daily Globe 22 Dec. 1918.
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"Spiritualism in Lawsuit." The New York Times 28 Jul. 1918.
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"Another Talking Board to Communicate With Mystic Forces." Baltimore American 9 Nov. 1919.
"Mr. Charles W. Kennard Says He is Inventor." Baltimore Sun 9 Nov. 1919.
"Confirms Mr. Kennard's Claim." Baltimore Sun 13 Nov. 1919.
"Why Not Ask The Spirits," Baltimore Sun 23 Nov. 1919.
"More About The Ouija." Baltimore Sun 2 Dec 1919.
"Another Witness As To The Ouija Board." Baltimore Sun 12 Dec. 1919.
"Something More About The Devilish Ouija." Baltimore Sun 14 Dec 1919.
"Are You Superstitious? The Ouija Board." Boston Daily Globe 8 Jul. 1919.
"Enduring Mystery of the Ouija Board Reincarnation." New York Tribune 22 Nov. 1919.
"Find Clews To Girl's Slayer." Oakland Tribune 28 Dec. 1919.
"Ouija Board Says Roosevelt Favors League As Only Way To Unite World." The Eau Claire Reader [Eau Claire, Wis] 12 Dec. 1919.
"Topics of the Times A Revival Highly Regrettable." The New York Times 24 Dec. 1919.
"What Shall I believe?" The Green Book Magazine Volume 22 Oct. 1919.
"Witness to Killing of Girl Found." Oakland Tribune 27 Dec. 1919.
"Woman Killed, Score Hurt In Auto Mishaps." Oakland Tribune 26 Dec. 1919.
"7 Crazed By Ouija Boards." The Washington Post 5 Mar. 1920.
"Bandit Hamby Goes to Chair Unmoved. Spends Last Day With Ouija Board." Boston Daily Globe 30 Jan. 1920.
"Demand For Ouija Boards Swamps Plant Facilities." The Clearfield Progress [Clearfield, PA] 4 Mar. 1920.
"Do Spirits Talk through the Ouija board?" Popular Science May. 1920.
"Edison at Work On Spirit Device." The Washington Post 1 Oct. 1920.
"Educators Urge Ban On Ouija." Oakland Tribune 6 Mar. 1920.
"El Cerrito Ouija Zealots Keep Woman Prisoner in Mystery House, Police Told." Oakland Tribune 4 Mar. 1920.
"Madame Ouija, Bolshevik of the Spirit World." The New York Times 11 Jan. 1920.
"Mental Specialists Declare Ouija Board Is Real Menace." The San Antonio Light 21 Mar. 1920.
"Ministers Enter War Upon Ouija." Oakland Tribune 7 Mar. 1920.
"Missionary Finds Pygmies Of Africa Know Ouija Board." The Evening Courier and Reporter 27 Aug. 1920.
"Nothing Occult In Ouija Federal Court Rules." The Baltimore Sun 2 Jun. 1920.
"Ouija Blame Charged To El Cerrito." Oakland Tribune 8 Mar. 1920.
"Ouija Board Ban Planned In Oakland." Oakland Tribune 9 Mar. 1920.
"Ouija Board Crazes Eight Men And Women." Reno Evening Gazette 5 Mar. 1920.
"Ouija Board Nut Outfit Taken To The Booby Hatch." The Helena Independent [Helena, Mont] 5 Mar. 1920.
"Ouija Board Rites Drive Six Mad, Police Declare." Oakland Tribune 4 Mar. 1920.
"Ouija Board Victims." Oakland Tribune 5 Mar. 1920.
"Ouija Boards and Nerves." Ironwood Daily Globe 20 Jan. 1920.
"Ouija Board's Charge Is Not Taken As Official; $10,000 Suit Is Result." The Bridgeport Telegram 19 Jan. 1920.
"Ouija Fails To Operate When Fire Destroys The Plant Of Its Makers." The Bridgeport Telegraph 7 May. 1920.
"Ouija Mania In El Carrito." The Oelwein Register [Iowa] 10 Mar. 1920.
"Ouija Prostration." The New York Times 14 Jan. 1920.
"Ouija, Ouija, Who's Got the Ouija?" Literary Digest 3 July. 1920.
"Ouijamania Hits Village." The Eau Claire Reader [Eau Claire, Wis] 6 Mar. 1920.
"Pedigree of The Witch Board." The World Magazine - New York World 23 May. 1920.
"Public Are Fools Laughs Ouija Board King." The Lima News And Times-Democrat 24 Aug. 1920.
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"The Folly of the Ouija Board." The Outlook Volume 124 Jan-Apr. 1920.
"The Ouija Board King." Syracuse Herald 7 Nov. 1920.
"The Public Are Fools." Bismarck Daily Tribune 23 Aug. 1920.
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"War Begun Upon Ouija As Menace." Oakland Tribune 5 Mar. 1920.
"Who Invented Ouija." The Olean Evening Herald 2 Apr. 1920.
"Whole Town "Ouija Mad". The Washington Post 7 Mar. 1920.
"William Fuld Made $1,000,000 On Ouija But Has No Faith In It." The Baltimore Sun 4 Jul. 1920.
"Witch Murders Linked to Ouija Craze By Educators." Oakland Tribune 6 Mar. 1920.
"Now Blames Ouija Board." The New York Times 20 Feb. 1921.
"Ouija Argued In U. S. Court." The Baltimore Sun 5 Mar. 1921.
"Ouija Board Called Anything But Game." The Baltimore Sun 2 Mar. 1921.
"What is a Ouija Board? Court To Decide If It Is Game Or Scientific Instrument." The Baltimore Sun 3 Mar. 1921.
"Baltimore Talking Board Co., Inc., v. Miles, Internal Revenue Collector." 1922 Federal Reporter 1922.
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"Ouija Passes." The Washington Post 14 Jun. 1922.
"U.S. Supreme Court Refuses To Say What It Thinks of Ouija." The Baltimore Sun 6 Jun. 1922.
"Who invented the Ouija board?" Middleton Daily Times 11 Apr. 1925.
"House Pays Tribute To William Fuld." The Baltimore Sun 25 Feb. 1927.
"Ouija Board Inventor Dies In Fall From Roof." The New York Times 27 Feb. 1927.
"William Fuld Is Killed In Fall From Roof." The Baltimore Sun 25 Feb. 1927.
"William Fuld Seriously Hurt In Fall Off Roof." The Baltimore Sun 24 Feb. 1927.
"Father Dies Of Wound Ordered By Ouija Board." The Modesto Bee 27 Dec. 1933.
"Father Shot By Daughter On Ouija Board Command. Asks Punishment." San Antonio Express 23 Dec. 1933.
"Ouija Board Ordered Killing, Claim." The Charleston Gazette 23 Dec. 1933.
"Arizona Grant 'Ouiji' Murderer New Death Trial." The Fresno Bee 30 Jun. 1934.
"Cowboy Disavows Loved Mrs. Turley." The Gallup Independent 6 Jun. 1934.
"Fickle Ouija Board Deserts Its Victim." Oakland Tribune 22 Jul. 1934.
"Kill Your Daddy Said The Ouija Board - So I did." American Weekly 1934.
"Mrs. Turley Held In Ouija Appeal." The Gallup Independent 8 Aug. 1934.
"Woman Guilty In Death case." The Salt Lake Tribune 11 Jun. 1934.
"Hurd, Aged Slayer Of Wife, Free, Daughter To Keep Him." The Helena Independent [Helena, Mont] 14 Apr. 1935.
"The Ouija Board Turns to Science Consulting Spooks By Electricity." The Baltimore Sun 20 Jan. 1935.
"The Worm Turned At Last." American Weekly 1935.
"Torture Case Adopted Daughter Charged." The Ada Evening News 7 Apr. 1935.
"Torture Case Dismissed." The Fresno Bee 18 Apr. 1935.
"Torture killing Victim Wealthy." San Antonio Express 9 Apr. 1935.
"Tortured By Wife, Slayer Declares." The Ada Evening News 4 Apr. 1935.
"Tortured Kansas City Man Slays His Wife." The Sheboygan Press 4 Apr. 1935.
"Tortured Man Now Would Drop Case." The Amarillo Globe 15 Apr. 1935.
"Venus Says Love Of Child Alienated." The Abilene Reporter-News 20 Apr. 1935.
"Wife Murderer Will Face trial." Jefferson City Post-Tribune 5 Apr. 1935.
"Woman Arrested In Torture Case." The Charleston Gazette 7 Apr. 1935.
"Woman Asks $75,000 For Alienation Of Her Daughter's Love." Dunkirk Evening Observer 19 Apr. 1935.
"Ex-Beauty Fails To Get Child." Albuquerque Journal 25 Sep. 1936
"Former 'Venus' Pins Final Hope On Court In Long Fight To Escape Prison." The Corpus Christi Times 28 May. 1936.
"Girl Paroled In Ouija Board Killing." San Antonio Express 1 Dec. 1936.
"Girl Patricide Refuses To See Freed Mother." The Fresno Bee 18 Sep. 1936.
"Girl Refuses To See Mother." San Antonio Express 21 Sep. 1936.
"Girl Who Killed As Ouija Directed Held In Seclusion." Syracuse Herald 1 Dec. 1936.
"Mother Fears Arizona To Banish Ouija Board Slayer." The Fresno Bee 1 Dec. 1936.
"New Echoes Of The Weird Ouija Mystery." The Salt Lake Tribune 6 Sep. 1936.
"One Time Venus Exonerated In Slaying." The Modesto Bee 13 Sep. 1936.
"Seeks Freedom For Daughter." The Ogden Standard-Examiner 20 Sep. 1936.
"Venus Cleared In Death Case." The Ogden Standard-Examiner 13 Sep. 1936.
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"Ouija Board Murder Case Recalled In Alienation Suit." Albuquerque Journal 20 Apr. 1938.
"Claimant To Title Of Father Of Ouija Board Craze Dies." The Baltimore Sun 19 Nov. 1939.
"More On The Ouija Board." The Baltimore Sun 22 Nov. 1939.
"Ouija Board Inventor Dies." San Antonio Express 19 Nov. 1939.
"Ouija--Alleged Stylus For Spirits." The Baltimore Sun 20 Nov. 1939.
"Story Of Ouija Board’s Start Lost With Death Of Inventor." The Baltimore Sun 20 Nov. 1939.
"The Passing of Isaac Fuld." The Baltimore News-Post 21 Nov. 1939.
"Turley Love Trial Is Set." Prescott Evening Courier 21 Sep. 1939.
"Strange Aftermaths Not Foreseen by the Ouija’s Inventors." American Weekly 1940.
"Father and the Ouija Board." Woman's Day Aug. 1941.
"Weird Affair of the Spiteful Ouija Board and the Barking Lady." Sensation Mar. 1942.
"Miss Hoopes’ Ouija Board Serves Her As A ‘Tongue’." The Baltimore Sun 9 Sep. 1944.
"Ouija Board Boom On? Yes Says Ouija Board." The Baltimore Sun 18 May. 1944.
"Ouija Board Mum In Three Languages On Invasion Date." The Baltimore Sun 18 May. 1944.
"The Ouija Comes Back." The New York Times 10 Sep. 1944.
"Mystic “Spirit” Board Spells Out Messages." Popular Science Feb. 1945.
"Wife Sued In 'Ouija' Case." Oakland Tribune 27 Mar. 1947.
"Boy Haunted By Evil Spirits Reportedly Freed By Priest." Chester (PA.) Times 20 Aug. 1949.
"Boy Reported Freed Of Devil In Exorcism Ritual BY Priest." Lincoln Journal 20 Aug. 1949.
"Devil 'Exorcised" by Ancient Rites." Alton Evening Telegraph 20 Aug. 1949.
"William Fuld’s ‘Talking Board'." The Baltimore Sun 17 May. 1957.
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"Let Their Spirits Speak." The Baltimore Sun 7 Apr. 2008.

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