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For those of you who would like to have a talking board but don't have the time or inclination to search antique stores and classified listings there is hope. Here for your approval are the best of the best in the current yield of manufactured talking boards. Whether you prefer a board from a leading manufacturer, or a custom handcrafted design, we think that you will find the attention to detail and quality that you would want in a talking board. Each is uniquely different in artistic vision and should satisfy the most demanding connoisseur. They come with our highest recommendation. Click on any thumbnail for a larger image.

Ouija - The Mystifying Oracle
Hasbro Gaming
You wanted the mystery back in the Ouija board and someone at Hasbro has been listening. Hasbro’s latest glow-in-the-dark offering is nothing less than one step short of the dark side. Finally! Forget about your pink Ouijas for tweens or the uninspired William Fuld knockoffs of the past decade. This is an adult board ready for some serious work. It’s got attitude—no question about it. The board and box look as if they have been stored in your grandmother’s attic for at least a century. Strange writings, both obvious and hidden on the board enhance the mystery, as does the light up planchette, automagically emitting an eerie ultraviolet glow during movement. Very cool! If you are playing in total darkness, the light from the planchette will cause the letters you pick to phosphoresce in a very ghostly way. Comes with instructions and a few ouijastitions to get you started. You’ll need three AAA alkaline batteries and a sharp pointy thing to reset the planchette when the spirits mess with the electronics, as they will do occasionally. We should mention one complaint that we've been getting from buyers. The board surface is very rough and while that may add to the look, you may have difficulty sliding the planchette. We hope Hasbro fixes this in future releases. Buy from Amazon

Ouija - It Glows In The Dark!
Parker Brothers Hasbro
Bright enough to light the darkest closet, this incarnation of the Parker Brothers Ouija is being discontinued for the board above so grab one soon if you like it. The "glow" lasts for a full thirty minutes, more than enough time to contact Thomas Edison to find out how the darn thing works! Gone is the name "William Fuld" and gone is the faux bird's eye maple design from earlier editions. The board and message indicator are smaller, but then, what isn't these days? The Parker Brothers Ouija is the undisputed champ of talking boards and outsells all others by a very wide margin. Find out for yourself why. Buy from Amazon

Ouija - Mystifying Oracle
Winning Moves Games
Winning Moves Games, which specializes in classic, retro, and fun games, is selling a smaller but sturdier version of Parker Brothers 1990s Ouija board, making this a good fit for those who love the original 1938 William Fuld design. Baffling is why they chose the 1992-98 edition, the most common and readily available older Parker Brothers board on eBay, instead of the beautiful Deluxe Wooden Edition or even the classic Blue Ghost which defined the era from 1938 to 1972. Maybe that's why it's called the Mystifying Oracle! Priced right, this is a nice addition to the Ouija line and you should definitely have one for your collection. Buy from Amazon

Ouija - Pink
Parker Brothers Hasbro
We wanted to absolutely hate the Pink Ouija Board but after examining it, we weren't so sure. Hasbro is either brilliant or brilliantly out of touch depending on your point of view. This is a Ouija board specifically marketed to tween girls, which answers the question once and for all: does Hasbro do that sort of thing? Yes, they do, and they do it particularly well. The board comes with a pretty carrying purse, the board and planchette, and a nifty deck of girl egocentric question cards. And it's pink. Did we mention that? The Pink Ouija is a limited edition and not likely to last, so you collectors better gobble them up. Buy one new and seal it properly for storage. There is a lot of plastic there and it's not likely to age well. Seal the board away from the plastic. There may be some transfer causing stains and deterioration otherwise. Buy from Amazon

Papa's Toy Co. Ltd
Papa's Ouija from Canada sports a nice design with the litho affixed to strong hardboard, not cardboard like others. The letters on the board and the planchette glow in the dark—a very nice effect in candlelight. The problem with this board, and it's a big one, is that the planchette lacks a viewing hole and is much too large for the existing design. Hitting the letters properly requires twisting it awkwardly from the top, otherwise it slides off the board. So, if you actually intend on using it, you may have to come up with another plan, or planchette, as the case may be. Otherwise, it is a solidly constructed contender. Products of Canada online will be happy to send you one.

Clear Channel Board
Destined Soulmates Corporation
Ever surf a talking board with a pyramid? It's easy and fun with the Clear Channel Board. This is a large non-folding, multi-colored cardboard talking board with a very well thought out alphanumeric layout. Also on the board are multiple choice answer quick-picks reminiscent of older psychographs. Truly a joy to use is the incredibly tactile Lucite four-sided pyramid message indicator. You will never want to put it down. Tony and Donna Herrera deserve an "A" for design on this one. E-mail, or pick up the phone and call them directly at 425-861-1063.

Hellboy Talking Board
Dark Horse
From Hellboy creator Mike Mignola comes two editions of his unique new Hellboy Talking Board. The moderately priced regular edition board includes a sturdy pressed paper board, a hardboard planchette, and instructions. It is nicely packaged in an attractive cardboard box adorned with Hellboy artwork. The deluxe edition is really special, so you collectors listen up. The board and planchette are beautifully finished hardboard and come in a striking velvet-lined presentation box complete with antiqued metal corner protectors. This is an absolute first for a mass production talking board. Also supplied are instructions, a planchette carry sack, and a certificate of authenticity. These boards are only available through limited suppliers. Buy from Amazon

Buffy the Vampire Slayer "Conversations with Dead People" Board
Dark Horse
This is the board to buy if you are a Buffy fan, a collector of talking boards, or if you just need an attractive alternative to the Parker Brothers Ouija board. It's stylish in a medieval sort of way and the arcane sigils on the board suggest that you will contact whatever you are seeking, be it vampire or spirit. Fully themed box and planchette compliment this quality set. Like Dark Horse's Hellboy Talking Board, this is an instant classic. Dark Horse knows their stuff. We suggest you buy one before they sell out. Buy from Amazon

Pathfinder Psychic Talking Board
Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
This one just has it all. Done in a Native American motif, the Pathfinder Psychic Talking Board is a virtual cornucopia of easy to read symbols and words. Messages flow intuitively as the indicator spells out sentences using the alphabet, or cuts to the chase by landing on a sign in one of the concentric "wheels." Here is a board that is designed to grow with the user. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish, depending on your level of dedication and practice. Exquisitely designed for expert and novice alike. Complete with a comprehensive instruction manual. Board folds in quarters for easy storage. Buy from Amazon Be sure to visit The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.

Psychic Circle
Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
Astounding is the only way to describe this highly detailed four-fold cardboard talking board. It has the complete zodiac along with many other symbols and markings similar to psychographs of years past. It is more of a fortune telling system than a simple message board. It comes with a round plastic message indicator and an instruction manual that will keep you busy for many hours, maybe days. Get it through your New Age store, book store, or directly from The Psychic Circle, Zerner/Farber Editions P.O. Box 2299 East Hampton, NY 11937. Buy from Amazon

Charmed Spirit Board
Sota Toys
Missing on television since season one, the Charmed Spirit Board comes back to life as an authentic reproduction by Sota Toys. How authentic is it? Compare the repro with the Sword and Stone original prop on our pictures page. The shape and letter layout are close but the Sota board lacks the beautiful wood grained look of the original. And you won't be using the planchette other than for decoration. It is made from the same weighty resin material as the board and is much too heavy. Still, this is significant piece for Charmed fans and for hard-core talking board collectors. The Charmed Spirit Board retails for a whopping $249.99 and is now sold out at Sota. Find it on eBay and on Internet sites (search Google) for the short term.

Calling Heaven Spirit Board
Victorian Trading Company
Let's be honest. Sometimes you want a talking board that is dignified and beautiful in a traditional Victorian way and not a themed board or gimmicky one. Here you go. Victorian Trading Company's Calling Heaven Spirit Board fits the bill nicely without breaking the bank. It has an elegant paper litho over thick medium-density fiberboard and looks far more expensive than it is. A thick glossy finish gives a smooth, rich appearance. The planchette has real glass in the viewing aperture and is perfectly adapted to the board. The box sports the same design as the board making it almost as usable. Two for the price of one!

Angel Spirit Board
Lisa Parker
Lisa Parker is a talented artist from the UK who licenses her artwork for use on products as far ranging as jewelry to duvet covers, plus several very nice talking boards. The one that we looked at, the Angel Spirit Board, came mounted on solid MDF with a felt backed planchette. A nice box completes the set. After looking at Lisa's website, we were tempted to outfit an entire room to compliment our new talking board. You may be too. Buy from Amazon.

Ouija - Supernatural Join the Hunt
Not sure what "join the hunt means." Maybe it's "join the hunt for the missing Z" on this Supernatural TV show fan Ouija board. Or, maybe the Z is missing, you know, because it really shouldn't be in the alphabet anyway. Who needs it? S does the same thing even if you do sound a little funny. Another minor oversight, if you can call it that, is the Hasbro planchette which is not intended for this board and is clearly too large. It's a pretty cool looking board otherwise and a nice collectible for those of you who like the design. Buy the Supernatural Ouija Board

Hand-crafted Talking Boards

If you prefer a talking board with a unique personal touch, a hand-crafted board (made one at a time by hand, rather than mass produced) may be for you. Hand-crafted boards come in a variety of colors and designs, and may often be customized to fill certain special needs. These boards are usually made of wood, something the "big boys" can't afford, and this may be a decided advantage for those who don't like boards made from cardboard. But there is a downside. Hand-crafted boards are usually more expensive than their store bought counterparts and can lack the fancy packaging of the mass merchandisers. You may be expected to provide your own message indicator. Instructions on how to use the board may be sparse or lacking altogether. There is also the smell of varnish or other sealers, something for you sensitive nose types to consider. You may have to wait a painfully long time for delivery depending on how swamped the artist is, so be sure to ask before you send any money. All of this may be secondary to acquiring a genuine work of art, and you can rest assured that you will have a bona fide original.

C. Blake Williams Mystical Talking Boards
C. Blake Williams
When Christopher Blake Williams calls his talking boards "museum quality functional art pieces" he isn't kidding and neither are we when we say that we can't rave enough about them. They are nothing short of fabulous. Each board is carved with such intricacy that you need a magnifying glass to see it all. Be amazed as you look closely to discover all the remarkable details. This plus careful staining and special inlays brings his work to a whole new level in the handcrafted talking board world. How does he do it? It must be magic. His planchettes reflect the same attention and each could stand alone as a unique art item. The viewing windows are carefully chosen watch crystals, if you can imagine that. Work like this takes an unbelievable amount of time and commitment. Get one now before he moves on to something else. Visit the website to see what we are talking about. Custom designs available.

For the Seekers Mystical Workshop
Jennifer Kast
Jennifer Kast is a graphic artist and designer and is blessed with one of those innovative talents that make you go "Wow!" when you see her stuff. One look is impossible with Jen's artwork and it's easy to get lost in the details. Obviously what she uses for inspiration comes from some place deep where we mortals never go. If you are any kind of a talking board collector worth your salt you are going to want one of her designs like Le Chat Noir Ossements. Otherwise, you'll be kicking yourself later. She offers several different talking boards plus her line of marvelously weird Curious Gifts through her website. They are all spectacular.

Nicole Marino
Nicole Marino does things a little differently. Not only does she do etched wood talking boards but she does them for about the same price you’d pay for a store bought Ouija. That, my friends, is simply unheard of so no longer do you have to complain about the price of a handcrafted item. The board set pictured here is absolutely beautiful with a unique, competent and workable layout. Lightweight and a little over eleven inches in diameter, it packs small for those intimate couple sessions under moonlit skies. Nicole has other designs as well and will happily take custom orders.  Grab one before she decides to move on and do other things. PositivelyMystic on Etsy


What could be more fun than some interesting knickknacks to go along with your talking board collection? Ouija board T-shirts, belts, underwear, coffee mugs and refrigerator magnets are not only fun but will make you the envy of your friends during your next big talking board jamboree. Take along your Ouija backpack or snuggle in your Ouija blanket. Talk about accessorizing! Well, you are in luck. Never has there been a time with more online Ouija board merchandise. You want to start with Amazon first because, well, we get a penny for every hundred dollars you spend. Then search eBay and finally, for some really nice handmade treats, search Etsy. The assortment you'll find will be truly mind-blowing. Happy hunting!

Ouija Board Fonts
Harold Lohner
How would you like to have some free nifty Ouija board fonts for your computer? Harold at Harold's Fonts makes just what you need. We used his Cap'n Howdy font for the title of this page. His Sideshow font is a dead ringer for the early Kennard/Fuld alphabet. Imagine the possibilities.

Do you know of a talking board or accessory that should be added to this list? Please let us know. Be sure to check our Links and Acknowledgements page for other talking boards sites.

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