If you attended one of the selected theaters on opening night of the 1985 film Witchboard, you might have brought home the neat promotional freebie above. A year later a similar board was distributed to advertise the film's release in video. This second board had the Witchboard logo in red and the words "Continental Video" between the "Hello" and "Goodbye."
Although not exact replicas of the Witchboard in the movie, they are potent talking boards nonetheless. They measure a full twelve by eighteen inches, large enough for serious work. The planchettes are evil looking black wedges, duplicates of the one used in the "green board" scene. Accompanying the boards and planchettes were instruction sheets (with minor word differences) that read:

You are now the proud owner of an official "WITCHBOARD" from the new movie which stars Stephen Nichols, Todd Allen and Tawny Kitaen (opening at your neighborhood theater on Friday the 13th of March).
"Witchboards" or ouija boards as they're also known, have been used in the United States since the 19th Century for contacting the spirit world. According to legend, each board has its own spirit. Here are some simple rules that must be followed:
1. Use the board at night in a darkened quiet room, with your friends. Whatever you do, never play the board alone!
2. With a partner, place the Witchboard on your knees, not on a table, so there's as much body contact with the board as possible.
3. Place the "planchette" or pointer at the bottom of the board, between the "hello" and "goodbye" references. Then place one of each partner's hands on the planchette. Clear the mind of all thoughts.
4. Begin asking questions. With your hands gently on the planchette, it should begin to move towards letters and numbers. Spirits are polite, so they might start the proceedings with a simple "hello." As the answers come back, you're really getting into the spirit of things.
5. The session will end when the pointer arrives above the "goodbye" reference.
6. Keep your questions short and simple. Don't confuse the spirit. By all means, have fun! And take your friends to see "WITCHBOARD."



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