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Kennard OUIJA
Kennard Novelty Company
Design on wood 1891
This is one of the Ouija boards that started it all from Kennard Novelty Company. It was assembled of five separate boards joined side by side and braced by two vertical slats on the back. Stamped on the reverse side is the patent date: Feb 10th 1891.
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William Fuld
Design on wood 1902
William Fuld's first Ouija board was almost a carbon copy of the Kennard design. Fuld experimented with different types of plywood to make the boards stronger and to resist warping. This one has a a rich bird's eye maple veneer.
Original Fuld
William Fuld
Design on wood 1917
This board is from William Fuld's North Central Avenue factory in Baltimore, MD. A large and a small version were available.
Lee Industries
Design on cardboard 1940's
When you tired of consulting the spirits, you could flip the board over and use the Master Play Board on the back. Listed in large print are all the other fun things you can do: chess, checkers, solitaire, letter writing, and of all things Gin Rummy!
Gift Craft
Design on paper-hardboard 1940's
Snake charmers, elephants, what more could you ask of a talking board? Gift Craft made several different talking boards.
Haskelite Manufacturing
Design on paper-wood 1940's
Serve "spirits" on this beautiful Haskelite Tray. What would your guests think? In the lower left corner is the Old Hag from Walt Disney's Snow White. Now you know why they called Ouijas witchboards.
Haskelite Manufacturing
Design on paper-wood 1940's
This is a classic Haskelite talking board. Behind the letter design is a white image of the Sphinx with three pyramids. The zodiac surrounds the board in a special "inlaid" wood border.
Haskelite Manufacturing
Design on paper-wood 1940's
This is easily one of the most beautiful talking boards ever made. Notice the lavish Egyptian scene right out of a Hollywood movie. A Mystic Prophet planchette completeted the set. View a larger image.
Haskelite Manufacturing
Design on wood 1940's
If you couldn't afford the Egyptian Mystic Board above, there was always this less expensive talking board from Haskelite. It came in several different sizes and color variations.
William Fuld
Design on paper-hardboard 1940s
This Ouija design, first introduced in 1944 by William Fuld, was the standard for all Parker Brothers Ouija boards until 1999. The wood planchette was changed to plastic in 1946
Fuld Ouija 1955
Parker Brothers
Deluxe Wooden Edition

Design on wood 1967
Parker Brothers made three boards in the late 1960's. The standard edition was similar to the board sold up until 1999. A second larger edition allowed two people to operate the Ouija more comfortably. The third edition was this special Deluxe Wooden Edition with its lovely golden finish. It came with a wood planchette.
WM. W. Wheeler Company
Design on paper-wood 1916
The instructions on the back of this board were printed in seven different languages so you knew exactly how to use it no matter where you were. Parcel Post direct to you, only $2.00. The WM. W. Wheeler Company also published books on psychic phenomena.
Wireless Messenger

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