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Southern Toy Company's Oriole Talking Board ORIOLE
Southern Toy Company
Design on wood 1905
This early Isaac Fuld board was identical to William Fuld's Ouija except for the name "Oriole" and the Southern Toy Company sticker on the back.
William Fuld
Design on wood 1920's
What's in a name? Ask me again and I'll tell you the same. The Mystifying Oracle was a Ouija in every sense of the word except for the name and the cheaper price. This is a beautiful honey blonde bird's eye maple board circa 1920.
Mystifying Oracle
William Fuld
Design on paper-hardboard 1940's
Notice the evolution of the Ouija/Mystifying Oracle design in this interesting board from the 1940's. A beautiful Maple version in a larger size was also available.
W.S. Reed Toy Company
Design on wood 1892
Following quickly on the success of the Ouija board was this Espirito board from W.S. Reed Toy Company. Unfortunately, the board only lasted a year. "We could not compete with the widely-known and wonderful Ouija." Reed said, by way of explanation.
William Fuld Ouija
William Fuld
Design on paper-hardboard 1940's
This is the last of the large and heavy hardboard Mystifying Oracles. It measured fifteen by twenty two inches, was a quarter of an inch thick, and weighed nearly two and one-half pounds.
Fortune Industries
Design on paper-hardboard 1940's
Fortune Industries had the same street address (666 Lakeshore Drive, Chicago Il) as Gift Craft, maker of the popular Swami and Rajah talking boards. Hmm . . . wonder if that's how all those possession stories got started?
The Magical Wizard Talking Board
Psychic Graf Company Inc.
Design on cardboard 1943
The planchette for the Magi-Board was a wooden cross that resembled a Christmas tree stand with a large bullet shaped center pointer. Sitters had to balance this contraption on their fingertips and hope for the best. Although it sounds strange, it actually worked quite nicely.
Palmer and Associates
Design on paper-hardboard
Talking board design often reflects trends in popular mysticism. The age of this Guiding Star Board is unknown. It could be from the 1940's to the 1960's. The instructions promised that the board would be "under the influence of your own guiding star."
Guiding Star Board
Zolar Enterprises, Inc.
Design on wood 1965
The Mystic Genii Board could probably be described as the "better mouse trap" of talking boards. Not only was it a conventional talking board, but the planchette could be converted by the simple attachment of a special ball point pen cartridge into a stand alone message writer.
A Barrel of Fun
Design on hardboard
Why worry about product liability? This manufacturer must have had a good reason for not printing any information on the packaging. They also made the We-ja Girl and Crystal Gazer.
Talking Board
ka-bala ka-bala
Transogram Company Inc.
Design in plastic 1967
PAX, SAX, SARAX, HOLA, NOA, NOSTRA! What strange chant is that? Could this weird glow-in-the-dark contraption actually foretell the future? Find out the answers to these questions and more on our special ka-bala page.
Ziriya Creative Arts Associates
Design on paper-hardboard 1972
At a loss for words? Then this is the one for you. Few boards capture the imagination like the Ziriya Message Board. Maybe it's the design, the color scheme, or the claim printed right on the board that: Ziriya will be what you want it to be. View a larger image then judge for yourself.
Ziriya board

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